How much are the ceramic animals?
Most animals are £30 each, smaller or larger pieces the prices may vary.
How are the ceramic animals made?
Each animal/ceramic is hand built by myself at home. They’re moulded with white stoneware clay. The process is moulding, bisque fire, underglazed, clear glazed and then fired for the second time until they are finished.
Where do you ship?
I ship to USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and within the UK currently.
How are ceramic animals packaged & shipped?
All ceramics are secured in bubble wrap and tissue paper then placed in their own box. Boxes are padded out with eco filler or recycled padding I save from orders I receive. All boxes are then closed with kraft paper tape making almost all of your packaging recyclable. 
You can find more about delivery here.
Your ceramic animals are sold out! When will you update?
The pieces I make for each shop update are limited, often only having a few of each animal.
I try to do a batch of animals once or twice a month. I typically keep my Instagram updated with any potential shop updates. I will post about any dates for future shop updates on there and I will update the announcement banner on here as well.
Can I reserve an animal?
In order to keep things fair, I can’t reserve animals ahead of shop updates so it gives everyone a chance at one.
Do you take commissions?

I do! Custom animals start at £40 each and they take roughly 3 - 4 weeks to make so if you’re not in a rush then I can accommodate you. Ceramics by nature are not fast to produce! Contact me through here to discuss further. 
 How do you do shop updates?
Once I have announced a date and time, I will prepare my shop for it an hour or two before the set time. I will close the shop by password protecting it so that I can upload new products and assure they are as they should be. I will remove the password and relaunch the website at the set shop update time.